A Benediction

Authored by Kim Sewell

I wish you this summer…

Waking up to birds chirping instead of an alarm buzzing
Novels to get lost in
Drool-induced naps on couches and hammocks
Nandy’s candy’s snowballs with cream
Many dips in a cool pool
Food off a grill
Fresh cut flowers 
A ‘getaway’ whether a quick weekend or a week-long trip
A fun new hobby
Lighting bugs to watch
Staying up late
Taking in your favorite movie for the 100th time
Getting caught taking a walk or run in a summer shower
Catching up with an old friend you didn’t even realize you missed so much

But more than anything I wish you time… time to enjoy the slower pace, time to get to know yourself better, time to just be… you are the only you there is. Love yourself well and when August rolls around you will be ready;)

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