Summer Send-off: A Mash Up of Goodbyes and Hellos

Is this blog blast about the ends of things or the beginnings of things?

“Lions,” Composed by 4th grader Amelia McCaughan

Is this season a bit like being on the landline phone with your high school boyfriend in the 1990’s in that extended mating dance of trying to say goodnight but wanting to have the last word of “I love you more”? Or is May more like you trying to leave a party but your subtle let’s-get-out-of-here cues to your middle aged spouse (the one who hours before had complained that he didn’t feel like socializing) aren’t making a dent into his consciousness?

Julianna Wright, 2nd Grade, “I’m Out”

And if May is the goodbye, is summer a series of hellos? “Hello, family I haven’t seen for a year!” “Hello, sleep!” “Hello, new place I’m visiting for the first time!”

“Vacation Time,” Mila Marjanovic, 2nd Grade

Or perhaps that’s more like August. June-July lay somewhere in between the goodbye and the hello, perhaps a short-term, blessed no-man’s-land of “let’s sit a spell and just be.”

Abby Blackwell, 4th Grade

Whatever summer has in store for you, I hope there’s a bit of big-city-excitement.

“New York,” Kit Patrick, 2nd grade

I hope that you are entertained and amazed and that, at some point, you find yourself shouting with a chorus of a crowd: “Oooooo! Ahhhhh!”

“Circus,” Austen Cooperstein, 4th Grade

I hope you lose all sense of time.

“Dino Time Machine,” Owen Newman, 3rd Grade

I hope you find the treasure you are looking for.

“Puppy Pirate,” Mila Marjanovic, 4th Grade

But most of all, to be honest, I hope you find a place of rest.

“A Night in Egypt”, Harry Hayslett, 4th Grade

Until August,


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