The Hamster Wheel of Redos, Come See Me During X Time, and Reassessments

This post was authored by Hollie Marjanovic

Overheard from English teacher—“Correct this assignment because no capitalization has been used, I won’t grade until this has been done!”

Overheard from Math teacher –“Come see me after school because we need to review this homework before your test.”

Overheard from another Math teacher – “Come see me during your study hall twice per week because we need to work on homework and do further sample problems for more practice.

Overheard from two Science teachers – “See me before or after school for extra help and practice; there will be a reassessment if you complete these activities.”

Overheard from Spanish teacher–“See me at break so that we can discuss this last activity and review it together.”

Overheard from History teacher–“You haven’t finished this, come back to see me and let’s make sure it gets done!”

Overheard from a math teacher – “I’ll come sit in your study hall today, and if anyone has questions, I’ll be there to help answer.”

Overheard from many teachers – “Let’s clean out your backpack; let’s put some dividers into this binder; let’s look at your planner.”

Copied on emails from EVERY US Faculty member –  “You are very capable. Please see me for additional help; please go to Writing Lab; please go to Math lab; please go see Mrs. M….”

This daily communication with so many of our students is vital to their success.  I know it isn’t fun, it’s not the reason we get into teaching, it means less time spent creating lessons,  and feels like a never ending hamster wheel ride.  However, THANK YOU!  It does pay off!  Eventually they begin to do the things and you are helping them approach and not avoid.  Bravo, my people!  

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