When the Grass is Greener: A Case for Better Teacher Compensation

Authored by Dean Julius Pick up a copy of any local or state newspaper across the country in the past two years, and you’re likely to find an article discussing teacher shortages, national staffing challenges, or “The Great Resignation.” This isn’t endemic to education. Fields across the country are finding it hard to fill allContinue reading “When the Grass is Greener: A Case for Better Teacher Compensation”

Breaking the Education Vending Machine

Authored by Dean Julius – from Roadside Lights by Eiji Ohashi There is roughly one vending machine for every 25 people in Japan, the highest number of vending machines per capita in the world. It’s an often popularized factoid about the island nation, especially for Westerners. Just take a moment to think about what moreContinue reading “Breaking the Education Vending Machine”

7th Grade Attitudes of Gratitude

Authored by Dean Julius (and various 7th graders) If the past two years have taught me anything, it’s that teaching was never easy, and a global pandemic only served to make the challenges of this career even more daunting. Trying to make deep, meaningful connections with twelve & thirteen-year-olds behind the veil of a ZoomContinue reading “7th Grade Attitudes of Gratitude”

5th Grade Attitudes of Gratitude

Something I have always appreciated—and continue to hold dear about St. Andrew’s—is how much my colleagues and the students show gratitude and support for one another in various ways, from observing and learning from one another’s teaching, to little comments students make to show their appreciation for those who teach them.  To highlight these littleContinue reading “5th Grade Attitudes of Gratitude”

Collaboration & Innovation with Mrs. King

Sometimes, in the thick of things, we have to come up with innovative ideas to get students wrapped up in the lessons we teach or the books we’re reading. And as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and coincidentally, invention and innovation both begin with the letter I and they’re synonymous, accordingContinue reading “Collaboration & Innovation with Mrs. King”

Hunting for Plants: Mr. Goldsbury’s Dichotomous Key Scavenger Hunt

One of this year’s goals at St. Andrew’s is to continue engendering a collegial spirit of watching one another teach, taking what we observe, and stealing those ideas. After all, Picasso famously said, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” And in the spirit of great artists stealing, Mr. Goldsbury’s 7th grade science class put toContinue reading “Hunting for Plants: Mr. Goldsbury’s Dichotomous Key Scavenger Hunt”

Illustrating Self: Middle Schoolers Finding Identity in Graphic Novels

This year I asked my 7th grade students to read Gene Luen Yang’s wonderful graphic novel American Born Chinese, but I also asked them to finish the unit by writing their own graphic story. I’ve struggled in the past with implementing project-based learning curricula in my classroom, so I was excited to give it anotherContinue reading “Illustrating Self: Middle Schoolers Finding Identity in Graphic Novels”