May Day, 4th Grade Crossing, and Teaching Assistant Nostalgia

A fully dressed maypole is a stunning sight, even during rehearsals. It’s Friday, known around here as “May Day,” and the fourth grade has just completed their final dress rehearsal before this evening.  I’m standing to the left of the field next to the 70 empty fold out chairs, getting a little sad all ofContinue reading “May Day, 4th Grade Crossing, and Teaching Assistant Nostalgia”

Fourth Grade Retreat Recap & Reflections

“The 4th grade retreat is one of my favorite Lower School traditions each year because of the way it fosters teamwork, collaboration, communication skills, and self-awareness in our oldest lower school students. We’ve watched many of them grow through the years, and at the retreat, they have the time together to reflect on what itContinue reading “Fourth Grade Retreat Recap & Reflections”