(Episode 4 Drop) Motion Pictures Meets Reality: Lessons Learned from School of Rock

As we discovered in the first three episodes of this series, the world of motion pictures depicting educational realities isn’t all bad.  In fact, Mr Rogers, 8th Grade, and Abbott Elementary are so well-done, they strike more chords that resonate than outright clash with our realities. But we are going to end our season with two episodes that take a very different approach.  Hyperbole, absurdity, and “THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN” come to mind.  But even in these films that show less restraint and more –ahem– “artistic license,” we found much to discuss, dare I say even learn?  This week, the at-times problematic but wildly entertaining, School of Rock.  Rachel Scott (LS Tech Integration), Sara Clark (LS Library), and Daniel Roers (our amazing podcast recorder/editor finally steps out from behind-the-scenes) discuss:

  • 1:18-2:56: The art of substitute teaching, and our first hint that Dewey Finn has absolutely no clue what he is getting into.
  • 3:00-5:05:  Daniel takes a trip down memory lane about his first few weeks on north campus, and asserts that there has to be a point that every teacher wishes they could act a bit more like the main character: goofy, fun, sarcastic, relatable . . . 100% themselves.
  • 5:07-7:15:  Sure inappropriateness abounds, but Rachel points out that “sometimes it was a little refreshing”; why being honest with our students and avoiding needless sugarcoating can be the best policy. 
  • 7:16-9:28: Our guests discuss their fury at public shaming in schools via data walls, behavior charts, names on the board, etc.
  • 10:41- 11:27:  How one scene got Sara musing on the challenges of teaching an ungraded co-curricular.
  • 12:33-13:07: Why School of Rock is currently trending on TikTok.
  • 13:08-14:31:  Inspiring kids to find their passions, but breaking so many rules in the process!
  • 14:33-16:18: Why asking youth what makes them mad can be a powerful springboard in the classroom.
  • 16:18-16:49: The value of teaching kids to advocate for themselves.
  • 16:50-19:15: The scene of a “lesson plan gone wrong” that the guest found oh-so-relatable.
  • 19:15-20:37: Admin are people too! That time Dewey goes to the bar with his principal.
  • 20:38-26:49: Who knew School of Rock had so much to say on the impact of emotions in classroom spaces?! Also shout outs to Rev. Hailey and Chelsea and our school’s general commitment to all things social-emotional.
  • 26:50-28:20: Can you learn everything you need to know through music?: the potential in interest-driven, project-based learning.
  • 28:21-end: The guests end with the big disclaimer: unless you want to lose your job, do not take cues from the Jack Black character.  But if you want a great laugh at the end of a long teaching week and are willing to suspend your disbelief, check out School of Rock.

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