4th Graders Share St. Andrew’s with Students in Perú

Authored by Rachel Scott

4th graders in Señora Buford’s Spanish class have spent the last several weeks focusing on creating content to share all about St. Andrew’s Lower School with students in Perú.

Maya Buford, the Lower School Spanish teacher, began communicating in the fall with teachers from Lord Byron School in Arequipa, Perú. The teachers collaboratively came up with the idea that would allow 4th grade students at both schools to practice their newly learned Spanish and English vocabulary by creating a digital tour of their schools and talking about their classes (like modern-day pen pals, but with videos).

Our 4th grade students spent some time taking and collecting pictures of the different classrooms and special places at the lower school. They then worked in small groups collaborating on the development of a Google Slide deck to present their pictures, descriptions, and new vocabulary. Each small group then recorded a unique video where they introduced themselves in Spanish, and described our St. Andrew’s Lower School and the picture slideshow they created with their peers.

Although the project had some hiccups along the way, this was such an amazing experience for our students. They learned new Spanish vocabulary, developed collaboration skills, integrated technology, and had the opportunity to further develop their oral presentations skills.

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