Meet the Faculty in Foundations

Some of you might be wondering, what is going on in Foundations? What type of learning takes place for the youngest members of the Saints Community? We are an Early Education program for infants to 2-year-olds and are bringing innovations to the way our students learn every day. We have been growing as a program since the doors to Foundations opened in July. I am delighted to introduce some of the new faces we have here at St. Andrews.

Cynthia Gibbs: Older Infant Teacher

I am a graduate of St. Andrew’s and Millsaps College with a BA in Elementary Education.  I have worked with young children for over 20 years as a preschool teacher and director of Children and Family Ministries at our church. In our classroom, we listen to music to play and then lullabies to sleep.  We have a room full of crawlers and love to watch them as they learn.

Idelia Walker: Younger Infant Teacher

I have been teaching young children for 20 years now and I’m currently in school for Early Childhood Education. In the classroom we implement music, art, outdoor exploration, playing with toys, and growing.

Ashley Singleton: Older 1-Year-Old Teacher

I received my bachelor’s degree in Child Care and Family Education from Jackson State University. During Transitions, I love to play silly fun games with my students.

Tabitha Gibson: Younger 1-Year-Old Teacher

This is my 22nd year of teaching in the early childhood field, it is truly my passion. Each day I’m excited to teach and nurture those little people I have in my classroom. My class favorite thing to do any kind of art sensory activity. 

Sandra Flores: Older 2-Year-Old Teacher

I have been an educator for 19 years. I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. I went to college at the University of Monterrey N, L CEDIM and received my accreditation in early childhood in 2008. I worked at Texas and Mississippi in Catholic Schools, then moved to St. Andrews in 2015. Last year I served various roles at St. Andrews working at ECC with Pre-K3 then moving to different First Grade classrooms and finally working with St. Andrews at Home Program. Working with younger kids has been my heart and passion. I love to see them grow as develop their many gifts and talents. In our classroom, we develop physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development.

Maggie Secrest: Younger 2-Year-Old Teacher

I am so excited to be a part of the Saint Andrews Community. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, with an emphasis in Child Development. This is my 6th year in the teaching field and my third year teaching Pre-Kindergarten. I love to teach and my daily goal is to make our classroom a happy, safe, and fun place to learn. I played college soccer at Delta State University so I love incorporating movement and dance in the classroom. Right now my class is working on learning the sounds and recognizing the letters in their names. My student’s favorite thing to do is explore our water and spaghetti sensory bins.

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