Podcast Episode Drop: “Finding your Jam when you feel like an Imposter” with Josh Brister

This post was authored by Dean Julius.

This week we’re pumped to release our second episode of Series 2 (“Living it: Stories from the Teaching Life”) with a conversation with Josh Brister, a great human and an even better Spanish teacher at St. Andrew’s. Josh Brister came to St. Andrew’s in perhaps one of the most challenging years for educators in a century. In the episode we discuss being a new teacher, being a new teacher in the time of COVID-19, the joys of teaching middle school, and developing meaningful relationships with kids. Personally, I’m honored to be able to call Josh a friend, I’m even more fortunate to call him a colleague, and I had the pleasure of being his mentor last year during his maiden voyage at St. Andrew’s. Hope you enjoy the episode!

During our conversation, we discussed: 

  • Being a teacher, especially a new teacher, in the time of COVID, Imposter Syndrome, and working at a place like St. Andrew’s (1:30 – 12:00) 
  • The educational value of YouTube for Teachers (13:00 – 16:00)
  • “Show me you’re a middle school teacher without telling me you’re a middle school teacher” + Why Josh hates baseball (16:00 – 25:00)
  • Building relationships with kids and dealing with setbacks/conflict (26:00 – 36:00)
  • Burnout & managing other interests/hobbies while teaching full time (36:30 – End)

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