St. Andrew’s 2019 Faculty Summer Share Out

North Campus Edition

Faculty lean in as Dean Julius, 7th grade ELA teacher, prepares to share tips for meditation and mindfulness and the classroom and beyond.

A long-enduring adage claims that many teachers choose the vocation of teaching namely because they get to take the summers off. Last Wednesday’s power-packed Faculty Summer Share Out, however, indicates that such a sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Last Wednesday at the North Campus, sixteen faculty presented resources, ideas, and wisdom gleaned from a variety of experiences they had this summer. The twelve separate breakout sessions were inspired by a range of adventures: from visiting The Number Lab’s Educators’ Collaboratory in Austin, TX; to finding a book that transformed their approach to writing assignments; to globetrotting travel/conferencing in Japan, Ecuador, and Malaysia.

Katelyn Kyser reports out on her summer adventures with the Library of Congress Teacher Institute in Washington DC, passionate about sharing the range of pre-compiled primary sources available to educators across a wide range of disciplines and age levels.

Bummed you missed the event or couldn’t make it to every session? Have no fear! Many presenters have compiled resources they presented which are hyperlinked to their session titles in our session schedule HERE. Faculty at the North Campus can also stay tuned, because there is talk of an encore session of the Faculty Summer Share Out in an upcoming Late Wednesday. Want another way to re-live the great conversations from last week? Click here to view pictures and videos from the amazing breakout sessions.

Faculty sharing, growing, thinking, and learning together. . . this is the heart of i2.

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