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  • Lesson Planning/Lesson Coaching as Best Intentions - This is a story of us.  This is a story of caring teachers planning the stuff students do to show their learning.  This is a story of well-meaning administrators giving advice.  This is a (yet another) story of best intentions. Interestingly, the same very sentence (via a quick convo on the sidewalk, an email, a… Continue Reading
  • The One-Size-Fits-All Spelling List - Shea and I had the distinct joy this past weekend of analyzing first grader’s spelling tests.  These weren’t, though, just any spelling tests.  They were inventories designed to give educators pointed cues regarding each student’s distinct spelling developmental stage.  I’m not going to lie.  It was FASCINATING to see the range of ways that students… Continue Reading
  • An Inside Look at Saints @ Home - This post was contributed by Saana Watson. Saints@Home. I could write a book about this but I’ll try to keep it short! It was June 2020 when I was asked to help design and teach in this new, innovative program in which our youngest Saints (PreK3-1st grade) get a teacher to come to their house… Continue Reading
  • Best Intentions - Authored by: Hollie Marjanovic Here we are already into one month of school and talking about good intentions.  When I heard this topic, I thought about the saying “the road to hell was paved with good intentions.”  So, I hope that the choice of this topic was not because we are all thinking that the… Continue Reading
  • Best Intentions: First Grade Edition - Submitted by Michelle Portera Best Intentions: A Word Work Center Continue Reading
  • Reframing Student Work as Best Intentions: Reflection as a Pedagogical Tool - Paul Smith, our fabulous new Senior Level English Teacher, is the kind of new community member that so easily and quickly became a part of the fabric of our school that it feels like he’s been here forever. So it didn’t come as a surprise when he shared a fabulous teaching strategy the other day,… Continue Reading
  • Thoughts & Fragments of a 1st Grade Teacher Mom: A Timeline Leading Up to Meet the Teacher - Authored by Mary McCall McArthur August 1: Check email. Read Back to School Faculty Agenda. Make childcare and meal prep plans for days I’ll work in my room after PD time. August 2: Check email. Read they’re looking for breakout sessions. I might have something that can help? August 4: Thanks to childcare, by 7:30… Continue Reading
  • We are back and we have themes!: September 2022 we delve deep into “Best Intentions” - Our esSAy is back for the 22-23 school year, and we are fresh-faced.  Welcome (from left to right) to Hollie Marjanovic (US), Kim Sewell (ECC), Michelle Portera (LS), Rachel Scott (LS), and Brad P--. ..I mean Buck Cooper (MS). (I promise to replace this image with the real Buck ASAP!) We are also fresh-themed.  And… Continue Reading
  • The Importance of Fun - We forget, especially when we are deep in the weeds of the school year and our work and our lives, how important it is to simply have fun. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says in The Little Prince, “All grown-ups were once children … but only a few of them remember it.” And I think this… Continue Reading
  • May Day, 4th Grade Crossing, and Teaching Assistant Nostalgia - A fully dressed maypole is a stunning sight, even during rehearsals. It’s Friday, known around here as “May Day,” and the fourth grade has just completed their final dress rehearsal before this evening.  I’m standing to the left of the field next to the 70 empty fold out chairs, getting a little sad all of… Continue Reading

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