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  • Advent Reflections - Compiled by Rev. Annie Elliott You know that Christmas-morning flutter of excitement you felt as a little kid? I'm not even lying; when I saw Annie's email about a daily release of an advent reflection from an SA community member, I felt it. An entire set of incredibly diverse, spiritually-informed perspectives on this season of… Continue Reading
  • Mayson McKey, Cool Teacher! - I could write pages about how incredibly amazing our 18 juniors and seniors were on our trip to Italy-Austria-Germany. (Are the kids all right? These kids were INCREDIBLE.) I could write about the beauty of the places and the tastes and the sites and the kindness of the host families and BREAD-CHOCOLATE-BREAD-CHOCOLATE.   I could… Continue Reading
  • To All My Students - We all have those days of teaching when our patience runs thin, when we find ourselves in the constant space of “which battles should I fight and why.” I wrote this after one of those days several months ago. To be honest, revisiting this piece this week it rang less true for me; at this… Continue Reading
  • Merry Merry: A Visual Essay - The fake tree isn’t decorated. In fact, one entire section of built-in- lights affixed to the artificial tree has burned out.   The presents are not purchased.  The Christmas lists are not made for the family.  The elf is not hidden.  (Alianna did, finally, out of annoyance find it herself and start moving it around the… Continue Reading
  • Joy Begets Resilience - Authored by Jessica Parker-Farris Last year I was feeling pretty burned out, which is why upon joining TEAM, I shared that I’m interested in focusing on wellness for all of us - students, teachers, and admin alike.  When at one of those low moments last spring, I found answers in the wisdom of a fourth… Continue Reading
  • Parent Hat - “ . . .  motherhood narrowed me, but it has also focused me. It’s made me as clear as I’ve ever been about what matters—and what doesn’t. I spend so many more of my moments on what does. I let go. I let go. I let go.” (Courtney Martin, 2015) That time Justin thought it… Continue Reading
  • If Only You Knew (Part Two) - Authored by Hannah Williams-Inman We’re back with another installment of “If Only You Knew”, where I try to pick the brains of some lucky (?) kiddos around the middle and upper school, and see what kind of insight I can gather about the parts of their school experience that their teachers may not always be… Continue Reading
  • What the World Needs . . . - Authored by Jessica Parker-Farris I grew up attending a church of roughly 2500 people, and, when I was nine, I was selected to try out for a lead musical role along with two other little girls. When the day of the audition came, I was ready. I’d practiced nonstop. I knew every line, every lyric.… Continue Reading
  • [Randomly Generated Title Here] - Authored by Matt Luter Last week, my AP English 11 classes and I spent a week working with several poems by Emily Dickinson–as any good American lit survey would. I assigned them a handful of more familiar, frequently anthologized poems to read as class prep. Then I gave them another option and had them make… Continue Reading
  • Robbie - Authored by Taylor Davis. About 17 years ago I was lucky enough to land a job at this place. This place where I grew up, all my friends grew up and I knew one day my children would attend. My first year I was surrounded by so many of my former teachers and even a… Continue Reading