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  • Tis the Season for All the Ways to Make Coffee - This post was contributed by Buck Cooper. At last count, I had nine (9) different ways to brew a cup of coffee. Each one has something to commend it. I love the sheer beauty of the all glass, but wood trimmed Chemex and the smoothness of the brew, which usually brings out the sweetness of… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season for Professional Development - This post was contributed by Kim Sewell. I’m not sure if there is a ‘season’ for Professional Development since we teachers seem to do it constantly. Whether it's reading articles we’ve found or have been shared, or we go to the weekly Wednesday PD, or our bi-yearly whole school PDs, reading books, listening to podcasts,… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season for Conferences and Global Travel and Trips Oh My! - As you’ve likely heard, we apparently had the largest number of students/faculty traveling EVER that last few days before Thanksgiving break.  I was one such lucky human, and I got to hang out with Susan Pace, Cullen Brown, and Monica Colletti in Anaheim, California. We went to some great sessions, ate some amazing Thai food,… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season . . . For Class Disruptions! - I know my title is teaching and learning.  And I know that every teacher worth their salt cares deeply about EVERY SINGLE SECOND they are allocated for class time.  We have so much to cover! NEVER enough time! The kids seem like they need longer to get it, too. And so much time is spent… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season . .. For Evaluation! - This particular three week sprint is a strange, strange time.  It is cheery.  It is stressful.  There is expectation of holiday spirit and all the fun to which it is tied.  There is anticipation of cumulative evaluation in the form of finals, projects, report card grades and comments. When you think about it, evaluation and… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season . . . For Chris Hartfield! - I don’t want to overstate it. But I DARE you to find someone who has a negative word to say about Chris Hartfield. Like triple dog dare you.  The guy has been our tech-savior for the past 13 years and counting.  He undoubtedly gets the brunt of our most stressful moments.  And yet somehow he… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season . . . for REAL Discussion - This post was contributed by Linda Rodriguez As you may know, I am a R.E.A.L believer!  This discussion format, geared to middle and upper school students, takes what we try to do with Harkness and gets the teacher out of the way so kids can R.E.A.L.ly talk to each other. Don’t get me wrong!  I… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season Theme Opener: Presenting “Randy the Red Nosed Reindeer” - When Hollie Marjanovic suggested the theme of “Tis the Season” for our November-December blog blast last October, I could not stop thinking about all of the things I could complain about with that opener . . .  Tis the Season . .. for dress down days in which I fail my kids because they have… Continue Reading
  • Tis the Season… To Hide a Turkey? - Tis the Season…. To hide a Turkey? Absolutely! At the Lower School, our little saints are letting their creative juices flow. Specifically, three 3rd grade girls wanting to create some fun and adventure for their friends and classmates. In October, Annie May Harkins, Emma Papadimitriou, and Alianna Rust wrote a sweet little letter pitching the… Continue Reading
  • Reframing Accountability as Embracing a Series of Tensions: Season Five Reflection - In this final episode of Season 5, podcasts hosts Toby Lowe, Kim Sewell, Michelle Cooper, Buck Cooper, and Rachel Scott come together to talk across all six episodes on the subject of reframing accountability. They share behind-the-scenes secrets about their episodes, discuss how all of this talk impacted their own relationships with students and colleagues,… Continue Reading

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