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  • Patterns - Authored by Michelle Portera It’s almost here! Fun, exciting, leisurely times ahead, a break from being pulled in all directions. Maybe there are plans to travel, or plans to read that stack of books on the nightstand. It’s a hopeful time.  And yet.  As much as I resist it, the sudden slow down in pace… Continue Reading
  • A Benediction - Authored by Kim Sewell I wish you this summer… Waking up to birds chirping instead of an alarm buzzingNovels to get lost inDrool-induced naps on couches and hammocksNandy’s candy’s snowballs with creamMany dips in a cool poolFood off a grillFresh cut flowers A ‘getaway’ whether a quick weekend or a week-long tripA fun new hobbyLighting bugs… Continue Reading
  • Summer Send-off: A Mash Up of Goodbyes and Hellos - Is this blog blast about the ends of things or the beginnings of things? "Lions," Composed by 4th grader Amelia McCaughan Is this season a bit like being on the landline phone with your high school boyfriend in the 1990's in that extended mating dance of trying to say goodnight but wanting to have the… Continue Reading
  • The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You - Authored by Mary B. Sellers Here I go quoting Rumi again, but we all have those teachers we circle back to, don’t we? Rumi is one of those teachers for me. Another is (are) children. I started paying attention differently this year, and it’s amazing just how many of my students’ daily trials and triumphs… Continue Reading
  • Kid Bids Hub Fans Adieu - Authored by Buck Cooper. In 1960, The New Yorker published what I believe to be one of the most beautiful pieces of baseball writing ever written, John Updike's Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu. If you have a soul, which means you probably love baseball, but even if you don't (love baseball), which means your ensouledness… Continue Reading
  • Blasts from the Past: Did you Know our Blog will Turn 4 This September?! - Are you the kind of skeptic that's been around enough that every time an administrator launches a new "initiative" you're like "okay I'll just hang on a month or year and it will be gone by then anyway." Well if you felt that way about the blog THE JOKE'S ON YOU BECAUSE SHE'S BEEN GOING… Continue Reading
  • The Many Faces of Summer: Featuring Foundations! - Running in the sprinkler.  Ice cream trucks.  Slower morning starts.  Late night fun. Bug spray, sunscreen, and entire days at the pool.  Beach reads.  Taking a breath and re-setting for the upcoming year.   When you say the word “summer” to most faculty members at St. Andrew’s, many many things come to mind.  But for… Continue Reading
  • I Accidentally Took My Kids to See “Book of Mormon”: The Dance of the Sacred and Profane - I accidentally took my three children to Book of Mormon a month or so ago, and by accidentally I mean I did it very much on purpose without realizing how incredibly brash the show was.  I knew the mistake the moment we drove up to the parking garage, raindrops studding our window frame, people streaming… Continue Reading
  • May @ SA: A Story in Ten Snapshots - Sure, we're diving into summer. But before we do, it's worth commemorating all that makes May special at St. Andrew's. I kept my eyes peeled the last few weeks for moments that either got me laughing or got me feeling, as the kids say "some type of way." I didn't have to look hard to… Continue Reading
  • WHY SA STUDENTS LOVE SA TEACHERS: A Very Scientific Post It Note Analysis - It’s a well-known truism that the end of the school year brings out the crazy, the absurd, the unpredictable.  But there’s something else, less widely acknowledged, that coming-to-the-end-of-things can stir up: gratitude.  Something about that last stretch makes us see our classrooms, our teachers, our students with a slightly different tint, one that can sometimes… Continue Reading

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